It is a city where great colonial era buildings are still left intact and are immaculately maintained to stand side by side with the modern in the most elegant manner. This outlook in fact is not seen so prominently in any other city in Asia. It no doubt speaks volumes of the glorious past attached to the city of Colombo from the 15th century onwards when the ownership of the city changed hands from the King to the Portuguese and then to the Dutch and to the English later, until the Island became a sovereign state once again in 1948. All Europeans left their own footprints in the city and more importantly their values among its people that made the Islanders a great Nation and their capital so ple asingly special. You will get to visit the 17th century Dutch Wolfendhal church, The Museum, the Town Hall and The Victoria Park built by the British, a lovely temple of Buddha in a lake setting and a colorful Hindu shrine. The latest attraction is the tastefully salvaged 400 year old Dutch Hospital in Colombo Fort which is now renovated to its former glory ever so wonderfully. You will find lively pubs, ritzy restaurants offering choice cuisines, coffee and tea houses, up-market spas and even ample shopping, all within the unparallel charm of the vast hospital complex. The area with classic court yards, maze of alluring terraces with seating resembles European thoroughfares of the colonial times.

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Colombo city is full of popular tourist attractions such as National Museum, Galle Face Green, Beira Lake, Cargills & Millers building, Independence Square, Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo Fort, Pettah bazaar, Beach Waadiya, Churches, Mosques and Temples of Colombo City, Railway museum and Mount Lavinia beach.

The National Museum of Colombo

The National Museum of Colombo was established in 1877 by the British Governor Sir William Gregory which is the largest Museum in Sri Lanka. It has a good collection of historical work. This is an ideal place to understand the island’s richest past. The Museum is open from 09 am to 5.00 pm Monday to Friday.

Galle Face Green

South of Colombo along with the lined palm trees of Galle road is the Gall face Green. Along with the greenish seafront you can enjoy the evening breeze and view the sun set. It’s a crowded place on Fridays and Saturday evenings. Adjacent to the Galle face green is the popular colonial styled Galle Face hotel. Cannons which were used during wartime is still lies along the coast line of the Galle Face Green.

Kelaniya Temple of Sri Lanka

Kelaniya is a famous Buddhist temple located about 8 km away from Colombo which is sited on the Kelani River. It is believe that the Buddha visited Kelaniya in order to quell a quarrel between two Nāga leaders. The temple has become famous because of the beautiful paintings and sculpture.

Dehiwala Zoo

Dehiwala zoological garden is located in a beautiful landscape covering an area of 11 acres. This was first started by a German business family during the year of 1926. In the year of 1930 this was acquired by the Sri Lankan government and further improved. Dehiwala Zoo is home for many different animals such as many mammal species, birds, reptiles and fish species. Many endangered species can be seen here as well. The most attractive event of this place is the evening elephant show, starting at about 5.15 pm.



Beira Lake

Beira Lake is located in the middle of Colombo. The island in the middle of the lake and the surrounding tree line make it a beautiful place. This lake was built by Portuguese and the lake was connected with many water was. Portuguese used theses water ways as their transportation needs.The water level of the lake is 1 meter high from the ocean. There are many wetland birds can be seen in this lake.

Shopping in Colombo

There are wide varieties of shopping complexes within the Colombo city all of them are with all the facilities. Most of the shopping malls are fully wi-fi enabled. If you are looking goods for less prices Pettah bazaar is the ideal location. You can buy almost anything you want but this is always busy and crowded. If you move along the Gall road you can find shopping malls like Majestic City, Liberty Plaza and Crescat which are very popular among locals as well. You can buy garments, handicrafts, books, leather goods and many more. Prices are very competitive. ODEL and Uptown Kandy are another shopping malls which are very popular among tourists. The shops in Main Street of Pettah mostly sell readymade garments.

Golf in Colombo (To be paid directly)

Surrounded by residential areas and business establishments, the Royal Colombo Golf Club is a sanctuary situated in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka. In contrast to its surroundings, it is an exquisite and tranquil environment to relax, unwind and tee off. The scenic landscape and a glimpse of the rare species of flora and fauna on the course all contribute to this pastoral environment set within its 96 acre former model farm. Founded over 130 years ago and being the second oldest Royal Golf Club outside the United Kingdom, an extensive array of historic golf memorabilia is found available on display in the club house.